Inclement Weather Policy

All public schools in Carroll County will be closed on days when inclement weather conditions warrant. The decision to close schools is made by the Superintendent and announcements, if at all possible, will be made no later than 6:00AM. *WTTR (1470AM) radio carries the announcements on school closings.

If the opening of schools must be delays or schools must be closed early, notification will be made through the local media. No announcement will be made when schools are on a regular schedule.

When schools re closed due to inclement weather, ALL Rec Council activities shall be canceled. All activities scheduled for weekends and/or holidays shall be canceled if the Snow Emergency Plan is in effect for Carroll County at any time the day of - or still in effect at 6:00PM the day prior to - the scheduled event. Unless required for school-based activities, snow removal should not be expected and appropriate precautions taken by users.

For weekends: If the Snow Emergency Plan is in effect at 6pm on Friday or Saturday evening, the next day's events are CANCELLED, even if the plan is lifted by the following morning. If the plan goes into effect during the day while your activities are going on on a Saturday or Sunday, our game/practice that is taking place can run until that game/practice is completed or until the hour's end (whichever is first) and no other games or practices can continue for the remainder of that day.

Is the Snow Emergency Plan in effect for Carroll County? Check HERE!

Severe Weather Policy

Click here for the county's Severe Weather Policy Statement.